Why Does My Ring Size Change?

Ring size can change in different conditions

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Normally, the ring size does not get bigger or smaller on its own, and it is your finger size that changes, which is why your ring loosens or tightens on your finger. Also, due to different conditions, trivial and sometimes even considerable changes occur in the size of the ring. In the following, we will talk about the reason why the size of the finger and the ring change. If you are curious to know the cause of the change in the size of your ring, just join us in the following.

Ring Size Changing Through the Day

Your finger usually swells in the morning, and as a result, your finger size increases slightly, so your ring gets smaller due to the dilation of your finger.

Ring Size Changing Depending on Temperature

While the weather is so cold and we spend our time in the winter, your finger size usually shrinks due to the contraction of finger muscles in the face of coldness.

In cold weather ring size gets bigger because finger gets smaller

But on the other hand, when the weather is hot and summery, finger size gets a little bloated and bigger, and this is because of the expansion of finger muscles in the heat. So in the winter, your ring size looks bigger, and in the summer, it looks smaller.

Ring Size Changing After Exercise

Exercise and action can contribute to a change in your finger size. Exercises performed in the cold and outdoors, such as football, cause your finger to shrink temporarily, resulting in larger ring size.

Your ring size may change after excercising.

But exercises that are done in close areas and indoors, due to perspiration and hot environment, your finger gets puffed up and bigger and as a result, leads to reduction of your ring size. 

Ring Size Changing by Foodstuffs

Eating spicy foods effects on women's ring size.

Drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods can affect your ring size. Therefore, don’t measure your ring size, preferably while consuming alcoholic beverages or spicy foods.

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Ring Size Changing Depend on Age

Smaller or larger finger size is a genetic issue due to aging. Due to age, some individuals become obese, which leads to the dilation of your finger size as well as a reduction in your ring size. On the other hand, other groups of people lose their weight because of aging, and the ring size of this group gets smaller than their young ages, and consequently, ring size of their young ages gets bigger in their middle ages and aging.

Finally, we recommend you not to measure your ring size during the morning, when the weather is too hot or cold, and after strenuous exercise or after having alcoholic drinks and spicy foods due to the probability of error. You can share all your comments and questions about this issue and ring size in the comment section so that our experts will respond to you as soon as possible.

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