How to Measure Ring Size by Knowing the Shoe Size?

You can measure your partner ring size with knowing her shoe size.

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After most websites and the media come up with strange and outlandish formulas for finding the size of the ring through the size of the shoe, we examined all of these formulas and in this essay, we are going to look at how to obtain a ring size by knowing her shoe size.

Is it Possible to Figure Out Ring Size by Knowing Her Shoe Size?

The short answer to this question is negative. According to conducted research, there is no direct relationship between ring size and shoe because ring size and foot is a genetic issue, and in some cases, it is possible to have a larger foot despite having a smaller ring size and vice versa.

In the following, we are going to talk about a method that you can use to easily measure the size of your spouse’s ring size.

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Finding Ring Size by Shoe Size

To do this, just pretend you are reading an essay or a post on social media and come across interesting content. In the meanwhile, you tell your partner that scientists have discovered a new formula for measuring the ring size of a woman by her shoe size so ask her about the size of her shoe. Then have her shoe size divided by 2 and subtract 7 from the answer. Tell your partner the final answer and ask if the result is right or not. In all probability, she will reject the answer and give a negative answer that her shoe size is X, not the number you told.

Finding someone ring size by shoe size is impossible.

Through this method, you can easily calculate your partner’s ring size without having her realize it and surprise her.

We hope this essay has worked for you and that you can determine the size of your spouse’s ring this way. To find out more about other methods of measuring your partner’s ring size for your partner’s surprise, just refer to an essay called how to figure out ring size secretly.

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